Brandon Valley Chamber of Commerce hosts “On the Menu” event to help businesses and more


SIOUX FALLS, SD (Dakota News Now) – The Brandon Valley Chamber of Commerce began hosting monthly “On the Menu” events in 2019.

“They wanted our chamber members to network more, so they decided to host a networking luncheon followed by a keynote speaker for education,” said Bob Logan, chairman of the board of the Chamber of Brandon business.

As the event continued to grow, the Chamber of Commerce continued to use speakers from across the state to not only help educate, but also to assist local groups.

“We think chamber members should be active learners that’s why we do that, we’ve had different speakers over the years and we just think that’s a positive thing to learn every time we have the event on the menu,” Logan said.

The main Marche speakers are from the Children’s Home Society of South Dakota.

“When the Brandon Chamber reached out to us, we knew it was a great opportunity to not only share our story not only with those who can support our work, but also with those who might need our services,” said Amy. Carter, director of the Children’s Inn program.

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The children’s hostel is currently fundraising and publicizing its current project.

“As the communities have grown the needs have unfortunately increased which is why we are now in the process of building a new shelter, our current shelter has 40 beds, our new shelter will have 96 beds and 38 rooms,” Carter said.

The Children’s Home Society hopes that events like “On The Menu” can help them raise funds while continuing to work on the project.

“We expect our operating expenses to grow by more than $1 million a year, so we’ll be relying on many different sources for that, but community donations are a big part of that,” Carter said.

The Brandon Chamber of Commerce will continue to host its “On the Menu” event on the 4th Tuesday of each month at Tailgator’s Bar and Grill.

For more information on future “On the Menu” events, click here.

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