Boulder’s Well Church finds its home on South Broadway


For more than a decade, The Well Church in Boulder held its Sunday services in an apartment, a college, a beer garden – wherever it could find.

This will soon change.

Pastor Matt Patrick of The Well Boulder addresses a crowd at the Rayback Collective in Boulder. The church purchased permanent space on South Broadway. (Courtesy picture)

After years of impermanence, the church is set to move to a permanent location on South Broadway this year. He purchased and renovates the former site of the Church of the Nazarene on South Broadway.

Pastor Matt Patrick hopes the space will provide the church with some stability and a sense of being part of a larger community.

“For our community, it’s a sense of permanence and showing that Boulder is our home,” Patrick said. “Being in town is actually a really big part of that.

“We believe the church has a lot to offer – in being a benefit to the community but also in giving people who want to explore Christianity a place to do so and people who call themselves Christians a home,” he said. he added later.

In addition to providing its approximately 400 members, most of whom are Boulder residents, with a permanent home, the new church will be easier on everyone. It currently takes hundreds of volunteers to set up and break down what is needed for a Sunday service at the Rayback Collective, Patrick said.

At the South Broadway space, Patrick will be able to walk to work. And he added that the building would also serve the community well. At least one neighborhood group has already contacted The Well to potentially host meetings in the space.

“The bottom line is that it sort of shows that our people … started a church in Boulder, and we’re not going anywhere,” Patrick said.

That’s not always the case for faith-based organizations in Boulder County, many of which are moving east for a variety of reasons, including falling costs, he noted.

Well doesn’t do much outside of its new space, other than some cosmetic work, including fresh paint, new signage, and landscaping.

But the interior will be gutted and renovated, Patrick noted. Work is starting soon now that the design and construction team have finalized the plans.

“If everything goes perfectly, we expect to have our first service at Christmas,” he said.

The church has pledged about $2.5 million over a two-year period, Patrick said. Part of this money was used to purchase and renovate a house for the church.

“When I saw this… I was blown away by the step of faith we were all taking together,” Chase Davis, senior ministry pastor at The Well, said in a video outlining the church’s vision. .

“It’s used for a lot of the great things that happen at The Well,” he added.

Part of the money was invested in the purchase and renovation of a house for the church in Boulder.

It is also used for group ministry work and to hire additional positions.

The church is part of The Well Collaborative, a group offering a “church planting residency” for those who want to help build churches across Colorado.

Le Puits in Longmont and La Table in Lafayette are also part of the group.

The idea of ​​church planting had always been with Patrick, even though he didn’t know what it was called. In high school, her notebooks were full of ideas for churches: what they would look and feel like. He then received training on the concept.

After serving as a pastor in Gunnison, he and his family decided Boulder would be their next move.

“I didn’t want to go somewhere overrun with churches,” Patrick said. “I like this challenge.”

The Well is holding a Sunday service at 9:30 a.m. at the Rayback Collective. Watch online at


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