Book a chef, make a menu of your choice cooked at home


OYCHEF, an app-based chef aggregator, has raised 2.5 crore in seed from GrowthStories and other investors. Using the app, customers can book the services of chefs, depending on the occasion.

The start-up, which has so far incorporated 45 chefs, plans to recruit 350 chefs and 1,000 independent chefs in the coming weeks.

“We plan to expand to Bengaluru and Goa by 2022. This will be followed by expansion to Mumbai, Pune and Delhi by 2023,” the startup said in a statement Monday.

Chefs are available for hire to prepare various meals for a few days, weeks or more at your home.

Telangana’s IT and Industries Secretary Jayesh Ranjan officially launched the service in Hyderabad.

“With the evolution of consumer expectations and food consumption behaviors during the pandemic, startups like OYCHEF have unblocked themselves as a major category. This will create new job opportunities, ”he said.

“We will connect foodies and chefs of their choice. The services are affordable, accessible and easy to book, ”indicates the OYCHEF press release.

The startup said it had gone through a “rigorous leader onboarding process and thoroughly checked the background of each leader, as the leader would be in direct contact with the women in the family.”

He claims the platform has a range of chefs who can cook a variety of cuisines. “The chef’s service starts from 300 an hour. You can choose your menu or choose from predefined menus on the platform, ”he said.

OYCHEF plans to forge alliances with large apartment complexes and other institutions to expand its reach.


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