Arizona Secretary of State threatened with lawsuit over online petition site | Government and politics


Hobbs does not back down.

The law Wright says she would violate simply requires the secretary of state to provide a system for candidates to collect nomination petition signatures online, Hobbs aide Murphy Hebert said.

“E-Qual is that system,” she said. “It is not a violation of law for the system to be offline for a period of time for system updates or, here, due to redistributing requirements beyond the control of our office.”

The threat to sue Hobbs does not come from a political vacuum.

Wright’s boss, Republican Mark Brnovich, has been openly bickering with Democrat Hobbs for more than a year over everything from the legal positions she took when the state is sued over its election practices, to changes to the electoral procedures.

Both are also in the midst of high-profile campaigns for higher positions: Brnovich for the US Senate and Hobbs for governor.

This last quarrel is the direct consequence of the ten-year division.

The E-Qual system allows anyone to go online, provide credentials, and get a list of candidates for whom they can sign nomination petitions. For races that aren’t statewide, voters are limited to signing petitions from legislative and congressional candidates in the same district.


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