Additional points: Drive home safely



I noticed that.

If you live near Milwaukee, you probably noticed this on Monday, too.


Blue everywhere.

With the restrictions lifted and the crowds at full capacity at American Family Field, so are Chicago Cubs fans.

They infiltrate our cafes.

They are obstructing our roads.

Everything to get a cheaper glimpse of their beloved Cubs than on the north side of Chicago.

In all fairness, I felt bad for harassing Cubs fans on yesterday morning’s show.

My change of mind came after seeing a young couple and their two children dressed head to toe in Cubs gear struggle with a parking meter in downtown Milwaukee.

Who hasn’t been there?

I politely told them it was free after 6pm and continued my run.

So let me go back to yesterday’s comments.

I am happy to have you in what some have recently called our terrible city.

Enjoy the bars, food, cafes, freeways and the baseball stadium.

Thank you for coming, for visiting our city and for an economic boost.

We really appreciate you.

But if you are going to go up, be aware of something else.

These aren’t your 2016 Milwaukee Brewers.

If you are going to go up, be prepared to enjoy your 14 to 4 drubbing, the flight of the L, and your long dark and quiet road on the 94 southbound.

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