A large housing development is planned near the future San Jose BART station


SAN JOSE — Nearly 200 homes could sprout near the location of a proposed BART station in San Jose east of the city’s downtown, according to planning documents.

The residences are planned for a site near the corner of North 27th Street and East Santa Clara Street, across from the future 28th Street/Little Portugal BART station and near the Five Wounds Church.

The project envisions the development of 198 residences on a site that has addresses ranging from 70 to 80 N. 27th St. in San Jose on a site near the Five Wounds. The number of houses in the new proposal is lower than an earlier concept for the site which suggested 205 houses would be built as part of the project.

The various BART stops in San Jose, including the 28th Street/Little Portugal stop, are expected to spur considerable development adjacent to rail hubs.

A residential complex at 70 N. 27th St. in San Jose totaling 198 units, concept. (Ruggeri Jensen Azar)

The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority, which is leading efforts to bring BART service to San Jose and elsewhere in the South Bay, believes the 28th Street/Little Portugal station could be a catalyst for developing an urban transportation village. near.

“The proposed development is a high-density, transit-friendly, mixed-use, multi-family rental project located in the Urban Village of Five Wounds,” said Solicitor Melanie Griswold, a solicitor and real estate broker who guides the project throughout. along with municipal approval. process, written in the preliminary application for the project.

The residential development would bulldoze an existing commercial and retail building that totals 21,200 square feet.

The existing building contains a supplier of flower arrangements, table decorations and other items for special events such as weddings. A fitness Latin dance studio is also located in the North 27th Street building.

The project is expected to contain five floors of residences above a ground floor space that would include 7,000 square feet of retail space, according to the proposal.

70 N. 27th St. in San Jose, a 1.2 acre site near East Santa Clara Street, shown in outline. The site of a future BART station is at top center and US Highway 101 is visible at top right. The Church of the Five Plagues is visible to the right of the plot. The limits are approximate. (Google Maps)

The planning documents do not identify the project proponent. The site’s current owner is a subsidiary of Palo Alto-based HC Investment Associates, according to county property records.

Of the 198 homes planned for the 1.2-acre site, at least 10 to 20 will be affordable residences.

It is also possible, however, that even more affordable homes could be included in the development, planning documents show.

“There is a good chance that the project will be 100% affordable,” Griswold wrote in one of the documents submitted to the city.


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