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Life in The USA and Israel

This page is dedicated to our children, who are living in Netanya, Israel, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Jacksonville,Florida and Cleveland, Ohio these are photos from the past, so they may always remember the family members who preceded them.

We will keep updating this page with up to date photos of the children, and information as we receive it.

Life in Cincinnati and Israel

Eddie Carter and Ellen Fischel met in Cincinnati Ohio, were engaged on February 9th 1952 at the Beverly Hills Country Club, in Kentucky, and married on the popular 1950's CBS television show-August 7 1952, on     The Bride & Groom Show.

Entire Video: The Bride and Groom Show on CBS

Intro to The Video: Thank you to Elan Carter



Eddie and Ellen met their cousins, Leon and Alice Heller in Canada, during their Honeymoon.


Eddie and Ellen  had four children,  Here are family photos.


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Eddie and Ellen started their business "The Lite House" in 1959, a wholesale and retail lighting store, by the mid 1970's their business had several stores throughout the Cincinnati area.

Their daughter Suzanne immigrated to Israel, their son Robert followed suit, just prior to the Yom Kippur war in 1973. Suzanne married Stanley Ivan Whiteman a South African immigrant to Israel, and on December 21 1973, their son Ari was born at Beit Cholim Assouta in North Tel Aviv. Dr. Laurie Jacks an Australian/Israeli delivered Ari.

Robert attended Beit Sefer Gufani in Be'er Sheva, and eventually met and married Shoshanna a Natanya native.   Shoshi and "Bobby"  returned to America in 1978.

Martin married Christina Navales in 1984, David married Tami Midorsky in 1986. Today, Eddie and Ellen Z'L have seven grandchildren.

Suzanne has two sons, Ari and Aviel, Robert has Lemore and Elan, David has Alexis and Daniel, and Martin's new baby is Alexandra.

Here are some more pictures of life in America and Israel.

                               Ellen and Eddie in the early 1960' s in their          business the Lite House.


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Eddie Carter at Fisher Body with his "invention" The Staple Gun  in the 1950's.


The 1970's-off to Israel

Ludwig and Rose Fischel moved to Israel in late 1973, they bought a condominium in Natanya,  they stayed with Rose's sister Tante Hilda in Givatayim, until the condominium was finished. 

On December 21 1973, Rose and Ludwig became great grandparents.

For Ellen, who was diagnosed with a rare disease, the birth of her first grandson would be a new lease on life-

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Four Generations in early 1974.

Suzanne, Rose holding Ari, and Ellen in Herzilia Israel.


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        Ari and his mom in 1974  Ari in 1978 at Bobby and Shoshy's wedding


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Suzanne, Oma  and Ari in Israel circa 1978


Back to America in the 1980's


Oma and Opa with their first two great grandchildren, Ari and Lemore in Cincinnati Ohio about 1981. Oma and Opa at their grandson David's wedding 1986.Suzanne & Chris 1986.


   Ari Disney World 1997                Lemore at Opa's 75th Birthday 1982




  Lemore  in The Israeli Defence Forces. ZAHAL Circa 1998.

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Ellen died at the young age of 53, January 27 1984-Shvat 23, after a thirteen year illness, this photo of Ellen and Eddie on a cruise, taken three days before her death.

Ellen's legacy continued, Elan Carter, Bobby's son was born in April 1984, he is pictured here with his grandfather "Saba Eddie"

Lemore and Elan visit "Safta" Ellen's Grave

Another son was born to Suzanne in 1985, he was also gived the "El" from Ellen's name-his name is Aviel-he is pictured here at age 1

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Here is Aviel in 1998-at age 13

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Rabbi Suzanne Carter - June 1998

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Suzanne, Aviel and Ari - January 1999

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Eddie, Martin, Christine and Alexandra 1999

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Elan Carter & Lemore Carter in Colorado January 2000

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Alexandra Carter

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On February 6 1991 the 23rd of Shvat, Oma died peacefully with her family around her, exactly seven years by the Jewish calendar since Ellen died. 

Two and a half years later on September 23rd, 1993, Tishrei 8, Opa followed his beloved wife of sixty  three years.

This is one of the last photos taken before Oma and Opa's deaths. They are pictured here with Bobby.

Oma and Opa painted a vivid picture of life in Germany before Hitler, much of the information contained in these  page, were  from  their stories.

We miss them.

Today, Eddie  has alzheimers, he and Henry furnished some of the information, several years ago, we are still researching his family, and have tracing forms submitted through the American Red Cross and the Simon Weisenthall Center.

We are in contact with Marcel Berkowitz and his family in New York.

We are in contact with our parents cousins, The Lidawers, Leon and Fred Heller, Sandy Lustig, and Ruth Sundgren

Shlomo Dreymann's son, Jon z'l continues to call and visit.

Here is a photo of a plaque that hangs in Israel, our parents and grandparents were members of the Jewish Survivors From Nazism.

There are organizations that continue to deny what happened, they blame the Zionists, they blame the Jews, they claim the Shoah never happened. As they deny the truth, bigotry and ethnic genocide continues all over the globe.

Honor the memory of your ancestors,  continue to live your lives fully in their memories. Continue the work of your parents, grand parents and great grandparents to combat  bigotry for all humanity.

We will post information as we receive it, so you our children will know and remember, we hope that you will  contribute to a world of peace.

We love you.

Suzanne, Robert, Martin and David.


We invite all of our family members, who would like to contribute to this special Family Album.