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                            Life Cycle Events Corner 



A moment of gratitude to all of you dear  people, from all over the United States, who have enriched my life in more ways than  you can imagine.  

Thank you  for your  phone calls,  emails, notes, letters, beautiful photos, and most of all , for  allowing me to  continue to share the joyous news of your pregnancies, births, moves,  jobs  and even your sorrows.

May Adonai bless each and everyone of  you, know that this rabbi holds all of you dear to her heart. 


-Rabbi Suzanne H Carter



     Baby Corner Link





                                      After the weddings....their children


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To Life-To Life, L'Chaim!  


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A special prayer of BEST wishes and good health to those couples who are  expecting babies in the near future.

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Rabbi Carter's Baby Corner & some of their parents

If you are a couple I have married who now have children you may contribute to my baby corner, send your photos either GIF or JPEG format to: rabbis@bellsouth.net

             How can I not qvell? Pictured, are babies of couples I have married and babies I have named, that makes me an honorary  SAFTA/grandmother :-)














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