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Our family members contributions

This page is dedicated to our children, who are living in Netanya, Israel,

Boca Raton, Delray Beach, and Orlando Florida and Ohio.,

These are photos from the past and present  so they may always remember their heritage. We will keep updating this page with up to date photos of the children, and information as we receive it. 60 years after the Shoah, the family has grown.

Lemore Carter is in Tzfon Tel Aviv, Elan Carter has finished ZAHAL and is a student in Herziliah. Ari and Aviel live in Delray Beach and Orlando Florda.

Alexis and Daniel attend University and Daniel Carter 

Alexandra Carter is now 10 years old.

Itai Dreymann, married Jill in Cincinnati, Bob Carter, attended. Itai and Jill have a baby. Gideon and Ruti  Dreymann also celebrated their oldest grandson's Bar Mitzvah.


Descendents of Mathilda Weil and Carl Fischel Z'L

Albert & Alice Fischel Z'L 

Ruth Fischel Smith & Mike Smith

Ellen Louise Fischel-Carter was Ruth Fischel Smith's first cousin

Descendents of Michael & Augusta Smilovici Z'L

Tante Hilda Smilovici Dreymann's son Gideon & his family in Israel


Itai and Jill  Dreymann in Cincinnati, Ohio 2003

(Tante Hilda's grandson)

























Ruti and Gideon Dreymann Pesach 2003

Lotte Smilovici-Heller

Fred & Lois Heller & Family



Gina & children, Sandy Lustig, Stacey

Tante Mati's  daughter Ruth 

Ruth & Carl Sundgren, Suzanne & Will in Orange County, California-October 2000



             Rael Isacowitz (Pilatus Guru)  Will  &  Suzanne in Costa Mesa, California 2000  

Eddie Wasserberger Carter's family

Descendants of:

Joachim Better Z'L 

Szymon & Yetta Better Wasserberger Z'L

Anna Carter Z'L

          Annette Lidawer, husband Rob Rubin, children & Lemore & Elan Carter

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Danny Lidawer's three children

  Ellen Louise Fischel's Z'L family & Szymon & Yetta Wasserberger grand and great grandchildren

                             Suzanne, Ari and Aviel January 1999 & Thanksgiving 2000

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Bob Carter 2003 at Itai Dreymann's wedding party in Cincinnati