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    The  Chuppah (Wedding Canopy)


In a Jewish wedding, the portable canopy beneath which the couple stands while the ceremony is performed. Depending on the local custom and the preference of the bride and groom, the Chuppa may be a simple Jewish prayer shawl (tallit) suspended from four poles, a richly embroidered cloth of silk or velvet, or a flower-covered trellis.

In ancient times Huppa signified the bridal chamber, but the canopy now symbolizes the home to be established by the newlyweds.  Holding the poles is a special honor, given to family or friends that the bride and groom wish to honor.


The chuppah creates a beautiful focal point for the wedding. The chuppah represents he Jewish home that the bride and groom will make together. It is open on all sides, symbolizing that guests will always be welcome in their home.



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