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The Wasserbergers-Carters and Betters

This page is dedicated to our children, who are living in Netanya, Israel, Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Florida and Cleveland, Ohio, these are photos and documents from our parents and grandparents and stories from their past, so  you, our children  may always remember your heritage.

We will keep updating this page with up to date photos of the children, and information as we receive it.

Carter family update.

Our dear cousin Henry Carter Z'L passed from this world to the next on May 6 2005 / 27 Nisan 5765, Yom Hazikaron/Yom HaShoah Henry was 97 years old.May he rest in peace.  Henry at his store Dixie Dry Goods in Erlanger, KY



Our dear father who suffered from Alzheimers and Parkinsons for 10 years returned to his eternal home on Shabbat Av 6 5764

We buried him next to our dear mother, Ellen on Tisha B'Av. 5764

May they both rest in eternal peace.


Alexa, Ari and Aviel (Front from left)

Martin, David, Robert (Back row from left) July 2004

Our Father,Edward Wasserberger Carter ZT'L (Zecher Tzaddick L'vracha)

May 21 1921-July 24, 2004 (Av 6 5764)

Edmund <Edick> Wasserberger-Carter

son of Yetta Better Wasserberger and Szymon Wasserberger

Born in Bytom, <Beuthen> Ober Silesia   May 21 1921

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                                                                                     Bytom as it appears today.

Our grandfather, Szymon served as  an officer in the Austrian Army .     


Szymon  and and our grandmother, Yetta (nee Better)  lived in Zywice till their deportation to Ghetto Bochnia. Here is a phot taken about 1939, just prior to Hitler's invasion of Poland. From Right:           Szymon and Yetta Wasserberger (Eddie's parents) Jacob Better from Cincinnati Ohio-his wife, and Simon Better. Szymon was originally from Kracow.

We received a testimony from Yad Vashem which was filled out in 1956 in Israel of our grandfather's fate. According to the testimony he perished in Ghetto Bochnia in 1942 at the  age of 50. Here is a copy of the document received April 2003-this is the first official document we have received.

His wife Yetta Better-Wasserberger, was one of nine brothers and sisters, her father's name was Yoachim, the "Betters" lived in the Katowitz, Silesia area which was part of the Hapsburg Empire ( Austria-Hungry). The photos pictured above are the "only" photos we have of our grandparents and our aunt Anna Karter Z'L

Here is a map of Silesia from 1882, all cities are in German.

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The Betters

Yetta's father, Yoachim was born in 1851, we have no record of his wife, however all nine children are listed here,

1. ROSE CARTER, b. Moscaace, POL; d. 1919, Dankowitz, POL.

2.MARCUS BETTER, b. 1884; d. 1940.

3.MALCHA GRONER, b.  d. 1942.

4. JOSEPH BETTER, b. 1880; d. 1925.

5. YETTA WASSERBERGER,  1887; d. 1942, Auschwitz.

6. HANNA TETELES, b.1883, Leszno, POL; d. 1942.

7.JACOB BETTER, b. June 11, 1888, Austria; d. April 04, 1954.

8. SOLOMON BETTER, b. September 10, 1890, Marisch Astra, CZ; d.September10, 1958, Miami Beach, FL.

9.SIMON BETTER, b. December 28, 1892, Mosczancy, POL; d. 1942.

their descendents are listed in this "" file, which you can download and decompress. 

Winzip 32 bit was used to compress.

Yetta's only two brothers that survived the Shoah, were Solomon and Jacob who immigrated to Cincinnati, Ohio in the early 1900's and in  1912 opened the Better Furniture and Upholstery Factory.

Jacob Better was married to Esther and remained in Cincinnati. They had two children, Charlotte and Mitchell. Charlotte died as a teenager,  their  son Mitchel took over the Better factoy after his father's death in 1954.

Mitchel Better died in Cincinnati in 1969.

Sol Better married Roz and moved to South Florida in 1948 with their two children Robert and Iris Better.


Apparently, Yoachim's brother, had several children, the bulk of their family immigrated to Palestine in the early 1900's

Yetta like her other siblings, remained in Europe with her second husband Szymon Wasserberger and their children Edmund and Anna.


Edmund, or Eddie's  older step-sister  Anna,  married to Gustave Karter, the son of Rose and Samuel Karter and had two daughters, Ruth and Janine.

Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin in Yalta Feb. 11 1945

Eddie joined General Ander's Army Brigade in the Polish Army, here is a copy of his Military ID card and several photos of Eddie in uniform.

pol1.jpg (52930 bytes)              pols2.jpg (48330 bytes)

Much gratitude to Prof. Z. Wesolowski-whose guidance and translation of the above document, opened another door in my research. Professor Wesolowski's web site can be found at:

Our father Lt. Edmund Wasserberger on the Baltic Sea 1946.

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Anna, Ruth and Janine Karter

Eddie's sister Anna and her two children were presumed dead, however Eddie found them living in a refugee camp in Samarkanda Uzbekistan in 1946, his sister Anna died, and was buried in a mass grave. Eddie fashioned a Mogen David of wood and placed it on the grave site.

His two nieces, Ruth and Janine Carter were sent to live in an orphange until their visas were arranged for them to come to the United States where their father Gustave was living since 1939. Eddie had to return to the army.

Ruth and Janine arrived in Cincinnati-Ruth later married Gary Lidawer, they moved to Cleveland Ohio, and have two children, Annette and Danny. Each have three children, Danny Lidawer is married to Rachel, and have three children are:   

 Here are the Lidawer children- March 2000

lidawer.jpg (132765 bytes)

Here is Eddie, his cousin Herbert Karet who survived Auschwitz, and now lives in Herzilia Israel and a cousin after the war in Prague.

Here is a picture of Prague

Edmund Wasserberger finally received a visa to immigrate to The United States in 1948, with the help of Senator Taft of Ohio , Gustave and his maternal uncles Sol and Jacob Better,  who resided in Cincinnati Ohio. His name was changed to "Carter" which was the surname of his brother in law Gustave.

Eddie, together with Henry Carter, became citizens of the USA.

Here they are in 1954, with their fellow new American citizens in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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